Food Media Network

Who We Are

We started with a single show hosted and created by Dr. Colin Roche, and have now grown into a multi-media network of creators and influencers who produce audio and visual content around food, beverages, and all things culinary for the education and entertainment of our guests, listeners, and subscribers.

If you are a creator and are interested in becoming a member of the Food Media Network, please reach out to us at FoodMediaNetwork@gmail.com


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Chef Educator podcast

The Chef Educator podcast was created to be a comprehensive resource for both new and "seasoned" culinary, baking & pastry, and hospitality teachers, instructors and faculty at both secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

Culinary School Stories podcast

Culinary School Stories is a podcast with engaging interviews that shares the stories of people from around the world whose lives have been influenced, impacted, touched and/or enriched, for good or for bad, from their culinary school experience.

"Wicked Easy" Virtual Cooking Classes

Sign up for a live, online Cooking Class and cook along with Chef Roche in your own kitchen! The classes are conducted virtually through Zoom. All of the recipes, as well as the ingredient and equipment lists will be provided in advance of the class.


Food Media Network YouTube Channel

Chef Colin Roche (Dr. Professor Chef) created the Food Media Network YouTube channel as a place to host and share a variety of culinary and educational videos geared to those who love food and cooking, want to learn, and have an interest in the culinary arts field.

Food Media Network Course Catalog

Chef Colin Roche (Dr, Professor Chef) has created a variety of culinary, educational, and professional courses and workshops that are geared towards those who love food and cooking, want to learn, and have an interest in the food & beverage industry.

Chef Roche's Food & Travel Blog

Chef Colin Roche (Dr. Professor Chef) hosts a Food and Travel blog where you can find professional recipes created for the home cook while exploring some of his recommended food & beverage travel and vacation sites and locations!