Virtual Cooking Classes are now being offered!

Hi! My name is Colin Roche and nothing makes me happier than sharing delicious recipes and cooking techniques, while showing that cooking can be easy and fun.

I am a professional chef and culinary educator. I am also an author, a YouTube creator and the host of two podcasts. My aim is to make the home cook and culinary aficionados feel calm, empowered and relaxed when they are in their kitchens! We are also available for private, group, and corporate cooking classes! 

Our classes are meant to be informal, fun, and are designed for the whole family! I am so excited to welcome you into my home kitchen and I look forward to seeing everyone in class. So come along, register today, and let’s cook together!

All classes are also recorded, so whether or not you attend live, you will have access to the video! NOTE: A portion of the proceeds from all classes goes to charity.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Where do the cooking classes take place?

Classes are virtual and are hosted on Kittch. You can join from your computer, tablet or phone.

What to bring?

A list of everything you will need will be included in your confirmation e-mail after you sign up for class.

How do I get the class link?

The class link will be sent to you in your confirmation e-mail after you sign up for class.

Do I have to talk?

No! You can talk as much as you’d like or not at all.

Can I turn my camera off?

Of course – while it’s usually more fun to have your camera on you are more than welcome to keep it off.

Can I ask questions?

Yes – questions are encouraged.

Are classes fun?

YES! Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Click Here for Information on Private, Group, and/or Corporate Classes

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