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These are the people who make it happen!

Chef Colin Roche

Founder, CEO, Host

Dr. Roche created the Food Media Network as a central repository to house his, as well as other creators and collaborators, multi-media projects.

Charlie Roche

Camera Operator, Host

Charlie not only assists and oversees most of the networks audio and video production, but is also the host of his own shows!

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Who We Are

Food Media Network – We are a multi-media network of creators and influencer who produce audio and visual content around food, beverage, and all things culinary for the entertainment and education of our guests, listeners, and subscribers.

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“Wicked Easy” Cooking

Hosted ByChef Colin Roche, PhD, MBA, CEC, CCE, FMP, CHE
Culinary Arts,

A YouTube channel for those that love to cook!

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Culinary School Stories

Hosted ByChef Colin Roche, PhD, MBA, CEC, CCE, FMP, CHE
Culinary Arts,

"Tell me your culinary school story and I will tell the world!"

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The Chef Educator Podcast

Hosted ByDr. Colin Roche, PhD, MBA, CEC, CCE, FMP, CHE
Culinary Arts,

The Chef Educator podcast was created to be a comprehensive resource for both new and “seasoned” culinary, baking & pastry, and hospitality teachers, instructors, and faculty at secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. The show addresses the many issues related to student learning and instructor effectiveness with the hope of offering a collection of effective and...

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